Longtime Volunteer and Donor Gives to National Jewish Health in Multiple Ways

Nancy NightingaleWhen it comes to her relationship with National Jewish Health, Nancy Nightingale has always been a trailblazer. In 1961, she was one of the first members of the Junior Division of the Westchester Women’s Auxiliary, which raised funds for National Jewish Health in the Westchester area of New York. She was also the first donor in the New York area to give to the institution through the hospital’s vehicle-donation program.

Working With Friends for a Great Cause

Nancy served as both the president and vice president of the Junior Division, helping raise money through various events including theater parties and thrift shops. The Westchester Women’s Auxiliary was one of 1,500 groups across the country that fundraised for National Jewish Health.

“We got in on the ground floor,” Nancy says. “It was so special to me to help build something with a group of friends who felt as strongly about the cause as I did.”

Thanking National Jewish Health

In addition to annual gifts and including National Jewish Health in her will, Nancy also established a charitable gift annuity (CGA), which enables her to give to the institution while also receiving fixed income for life.

“I believe you should give money away while you are alive, “ Nancy says. “A charitable gift annuity helps the hospital in a significant way and benefits me as well.”

People like Nancy—who support the hospital with cash gifts, gifts in their will, a charitable gift that returns income and even by giving an automobile—help National Jewish Health continue to provide compassionate care and conduct innovative research designed to improve the lives of the millions of people living with respiratory, cardiac, immune and other conditions.  

There is no greater gift that one can give than life and good health. To learn more about any of our giving opportunities, contact Gordon Smith, MBA, CFRE at giftplanning@njhealth.org or 1.800.423.8891, Ext. 6549.